Maxillarydeficiencyand SDB in Children With Marfan’sSyndrome: A controlledthree- dimensional (3D) shapeevaluation

Aimwas todefinemaxillarymorphology inMarfanchildren (MG) by means of3Danalysis and3D reconstruction of palatal area and volume compared with a control group(CG)andto investigate the associationwith OSAseverity.

20MarfanCaucasiansubjectsunderwent standard nocturnalpolygraphytesting. 16 of 20 Marfanpatientspresented an AHI> 1 and wereenrolled in the study. CG wascomposed by17healthysubjects.Studycastswerescanned and preprocessed to removeunwanted data.3D boundariesweredefinedasa gingivalplane and a distalplane. 3D reconstructions of palatal volume and area weredoneusingVAM and Meshmixer3.2 software, while3D maxillarymorphologywasdefined by Viewbox4 software.

ResultsshowedthatOSAishighlyprevalentinMG. MGpresent a reduction of the area and the volume of the palate whencompared to healthysubjects. HoweverOSA in MGisnot linear correlated to the palatalmorphology.

Cretella Lombardo E., Gazzani F., Laganà G., Pavoni C.,Paoloni V.

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